Acleda MFI Cambodia

$20 million to promote access to finance for agricultural enterprises and SMEs in Cambodia

Partnering with Acleda, Cambodia’s largest bank, this project provides financing solutions to agricultural enterprises and SMEs across the Mekong region. The project consists of a senior loan of up to $110 million to Acleda Cambodia, comprising of up to $40 million from IFC, up to $20 million from GAFSP, a syndicated loan of up to $30 million from SMBC, and up to $20 million from IFC in its capacity as the implementing entity for MCPP.



The GAFSP Public Sector Window is also funding the Emergency Food Assistance Project (EFAP) and the Climate Resilient Rice CommercializationSector Development Program (Rice-SDP) in Cambodia.


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Contact Information:

  • Mr. Niraj H. Shah
    Senior Investment Officer, GAFSP
    Phone: +1-202-473-3743, based in Washington, D.C.
  • Mr. Bradford Roberts
    Senior Operations Officer, GAFSP Advisory Services
    Phone: +1-202-473-7142, based in Washington, D.C.



Project Documents:

  • Acleda website (external link)