Call for Proposals


Taking a chance on projects that other commercial investors have passed is what GAFSP’s Private Sector Window does best: investing across the entire food supply chain from farm inputs to logistics and storage, to processing and financing.


GAFSP uses blended finance solutions and the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) expertise and knowledge to support projects in the agricultural sector which may not attract commercial funding due to perceived high risks in the sector. GAFSP funding is co-invested alongside IFC funding but takes it one step further: addressing market failures by providing affordable funding with less demanding terms. It also helps to raise capacity building with advisory services.  This allows GAFSP to invest in early stage or riskier projects that hold high potential for development impact and financial sustainability.


That means that GAFSP can partner with companies who include farmers as part of their overall value chain, providing access to markets, financing and storage, and increasing production and incomes for those living and working in the world’s lowest income countries.It provides financing for the expansion of activities related to strengthening smallholder based supply chains, agribusiness, food and beverage production and processing and related infrastructure facilities.


GAFSP eligibility requirements focus on private sector firms and financial institutions operating in IDA-only countries. GAFSP’s Private Sector Window is always open for business. If you are a company or business with an innovative business plan that may be eligible to receive financial support from IFC and GAFSP, please contact us at:



Information about the Second Call for Proposals

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Information about the First Call for Proposals

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