Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) has long been recognized as a vital aspect of development projects generally and of agriculture and rural development (ARD) projects in particular.  The monitoring of project performance consists of the tracking of human, physical and financial resources and the recording of how they are converted into outputs (project goods and services), and in turn, outcomes and impacts.


The GAFSP Monitoring and Evaluation Plan reflects the strong results-oriented nature of the GAFSP fund. It highlights key features of the program, including the development of common indicators to enable monitoring of results across projects and the widespread use of rigorous impact evaluations for all GAFSP investment projects.


Up to 30% of GAFSP Public Sector Window investment projects will undergo in-depth impact evaluations using experimental or quasi-experimental methods.  The Steering Committee (SC) approved the World Bank's Development Impact Evaluation Initiative's (DIME) workplan to carry out these in-depth impact evaluations for GAFSP.  The remaining projects are expected to undergo less in-depth impact evaluations, which will be funded from the individual GAFSP grants. 



Key Documents

Private Sector Window Monitoring & Evaluation Framework (December 2013, ppt)

GAFSP Monitoring & Evaluation Plan (pdf)


Progress Reports

Project Implementation Update Report (Data as of June 2016, PDF)

Project Implementation Update Report (May 2015, pdf)

Project Implementation Update Report (February 2014, pdf)

Project Implementation Update Report (March 2013, pdf)

Project Implementation Update Report (January 30, 2012, pdf)

Impact Evaluation

Project specific information available for: Bangladesh, Haiti, Liberia, Nepal, and Rwanda

DIME Work Plan FY 14 (July 2013, pdf)

DIME Second Progress Report (July 2013, pdf)

DIME Work Plan FY 13 (July 2012)

DIME First Progress Report (February 2012, pdf)

DIME Work Plan FY 12 (pdf)

DIME Work Plan Annexes

In-depth Impact Evaluation TOR for DIME (pdf)