$50 million for the Smallholder Commercialisation Program (SCP) for agricultural productivity growth through technology adoption and water management


GAFSP is financing two components of the Smallholder Commercialization Programme (SCP) Investment Plan, Sierra Leone’s National Agricultural Investment Programme (NAIP) under the CAADP process. The specific objective of the support is to promote smallholder agricultural commercialization through production intensification, diversification, value addition, and marketing, as well as developing small-scale irrigation infrastructures to boost rice production, a major staple in the country.


  • Reduce transfer and transaction costs: $27.3 million

GAFSP financing would promote the commercialization of smallholder agriculture through the formation of farmer-based organizations trained in Farmer Field and Life School (FFS) techniques, including organizational and business management skills.  These FFS are organized into Agricultural Business Centers with adequate capacity, infrastructure, and equipment to render services to clients.


  • Adoption of higher yielding technologies: $6.4 million

GAFSP financing will improve agricultural services by strengthening extension services through training, exchanges, and the development of commodity chains through public-private partnerships implemented through out-grower schemes.


  • Water management: $12.4 million

GAFSP funding will support small-scale irrigation infrastructure in order to boost rice production, leading to increased market surplus (particularly for lowland smallholders) and to the creation of wealth and employment, notably for youths.


  • Technical Assistance, Institution Building and Capacity Development: $4 million

GAFSP funding will ensure effective strategic and operational planning of the SCP program, efficient coordination between and amongst SCP components and between the various sources of funding and implementation partners, and overall monitoring of SCP progress and evaluation of impacts on smallholders.


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