$8 million for the Food Security and Accelerated Poverty Reduction Project to raise agricultural output through improved irrigation, water management, farm mechanization, and adoption of agriculture production technology.


The primary objective of this project is to increase the productivity and commercialization of agriculture in the seven of the poorest rural dzongkohags in Eastern Bhutan.  This will be achieved through (i) the rehabilitation of irrigation, improvement of water management technologies, and promotion of improved inputs such as quality seeds, mechanized farming tools and better farming practices, (ii) development of community based post-harvest and small storage technologies, and provision of localized close to real time data, information and knowledge services on crop supply and price information, and (iii) promotion of integrated low-cost and non-renewable energy fueled fences (using electrical, solar and sound repellents systems) to control wildlife intrusions into farm areas.


The GAFSP Private Sector Window is also funding the Moutain Hazelnuts Bhutan (MHZ) to expand hazelnut production in Bhutan.


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Selected Supervising Entity: 

  • World Bank



  • Mr. Abimbola Adubi (Task Team Leader, Senior Rural Development Specialist), aadubi@worldbank.org
  • Mr. Winston Dawes (Task Team Leader (Senior Rural Development Specialist), wdawes@worldbank.org, 1 (202) 458-9202 based at the World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC.

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