$35 million for the Small Farmer Agriculture Technology Transfer Project (PTTA) and the Relaunching Agriculture: Strengthening Agriculture Public Services II Project (RESEPAG II) for agricultural productivity growth through adoption of high yielding technologies and research and extension


GAFSP financing in Haiti plays an important catalytic role in the implementation of sustainable medium and long-term investments in agriculture guided by the National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP). GAFSP financing increases access to improved private agricultural services and inputs for crop production and strengthen the agriculture sector’s research, extension, and training capacity.


Boosting Agriculture in Haiti, summarizes the two current NAIP projects receiving GAFSP support: the Small Farmer Agriculture Technology Transfer Project (PTTA) and Strengthening of Agricultural Public Services Project II (RESEPAG II).



Interactive Map: Haiti

This interactive map of Haiti identifies the departments where GAFSP project activities will be supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank. GAFSP operates in 5 out of the 10 departments in Haiti. The map also allows users to visualize poverty information and population density at the sub-national level.



PTTA (supported by IDB), provides “smart subsidies” in the North and North East Regions where agriculture is diversified and has a high potential for intensification. PTTA has identified 10 municipalities in the North and North East Regions for participation in the new voucher program: Borgne, Milot, Dondon, Grande Rivière du Nord, Sainte Suzanne, Carice, Mont Organisé, Ouanaminthe, Ferrier, Fort Liberténamely. In each municipality specific technology packages are being provided, such as: coffee renewal and extension, cocoa renewal and extension, intensifying agroforestry, improved rice cropping, sweet potato intensive cropping, and mobile pumps for micro-irrigation. 


RESEPAG II (supported by the World Bank), provides support to public and private extension services (training and demonstration) for 5 departments. As the project is being rolled out and beneficiaries are selected to receive project support, the map will be updated regularly to identify specific GAFSP-financed activity locations.


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Selected Supervising Entities:

Inter-American Development Bank (for PTTA) and World Bank (for RESEPAG II)



  • Ms. Caroline Plante (Task Team Leader, Senior Livestock Specialist), cplante@worldbank.org+1-202-458-5400 based in Washington, DC.

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