$30 million to improve food security, undernutrition and rural poverty in the most vulnerable areas.


GAFSP investment aims to intensify integrated, market-oriented investments that have demonstrated success under the National Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plan (PIPSA), targeting the poorest areas with the greatest relative economic potential.  66 percent of Hondurans live below the national poverty line and 46 percent in extreme poverty. Growth is suppressed by low productivity and low value products, poor market access (only 20 percent of roads are paved), and health conditions that are so bad that, in the poorest departments, growth of half of all children under five is stunted.  The project focuses on increasing rural income, improving nutritional status (especially for women and children), and increasing the national capacity for monitoring and evaluation.



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World Bank



  • Mr. Bayarsaikhan Tumurdaava (Task Team Leader), tbayarsaihan@worldbank.org, for the World Bank, based in Washington, DC.


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Project Appraisal Document - (August 2015, pdf)


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