$39.6 million for the Smallholder Irrigation and Value Addition Project (SIVAP) for  the promotion of irrigated rice and horticulture production as well as crop diversification and value chain development for selected commodities.

The primary objective of this project is to reduce poverty and ensure sustainable food security for Malawians at both household and national levels by increasing food production and developing high potential value chains. Main activities will support: sustainable land and water management to enhance agriculture under irrigated agriculture in selected districts, crop diversification, and value chain development.


The GAFSP Private Sector Window is also funding the Malawi Mangoes project to expand its tropical fruit production and processing operations in Malawi.


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Selected Supervising Entity:

African Development Bank




  • Mr. Olagoke A. Oladapo (Chief Agro Economist and Task Team Leader, +225 2026 3494, o.oladapo@afdb.org) based at the African Development Bank in Cote d'Ivoire.

  • Mr. Vinda Kisyombe, (Agro Economist and Alternate Task Team Leader, v.kisyombe@afdb.org) based in the Malawi Field Office. 


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