$12.5 million for the Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project (LAMP) to reduce rural poverty and household food insecurity on a sustainable basis in livestock-based farming systems

  • Linking farmers to markets

GAFSP financing increases access to domestic and international markets on a sustainable basis. The outcomes of the component are expected to be (i) market channels for livestock commodities further identified and accessed; (ii) incomes of farmers increased; (iii) capacity of cooperatives increased to operate as small agri-business units.


  • Raising livestock productivity and quality

GAFSP financing improves livestock productivity and quality in order to enhance access to domestic and regional markets, to protect the environment and to raise herder incomes.


  • Technical assistance

GAFSP financing establishes effective program management and monitoring mechanisms, integrated in the existing structures of the government.  Knowledge-sharing with relevant government and donor-funded interventions as well as with the private sector will be a key program activity in order to identify potential synergies and complementarities, and to disseminate program results and experiences.

Interactive Map: Mongolia

This interactive map of Mongolia, broken down into 22 administrative divisions, 21 Aimags (provinces) and the capital Ulaanbaatar, highlights the targeted areas of the Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project. The program, funded through GAFSP and aligned with the National Livestock Program, aims to improve the rural livelihood in selected Soums (districts), through enhanced productivity, market access and diversification in livestock-based production systems.

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World Bank and FAO (Technical Assistance)



  • Mr. Stephane Forman (Senior Livestock Specialist, sforman@worldbank.org, 202-473-4839) for the World Bank, based in Washington, DC.

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