Private Sector Window

The Private Sector Window (PrSW) is implemented and managed by International Finance Corporation (IFC) to provide innovative financing aimed at increasing the commercial potential of small and medium-sized agri-businesses and farmers by connecting them with local, national, and global value chains. It focuses on the following areas:


  • Increasing productivity: By connecting smallholders with credit, it enables them to expand and leverage economies of scale to increase agricultural yield.
  • Supporting innovation: The PrSW supports companies that develop technology and processes that increase productivity and lower use of water resources and inputs such as fertilizers.
  • Reducing risks: The PrSW launched financial products such as first loss cover and weather insurance to manage these risks. It will also invest in micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) funds to increase their ability to invest in MSMEs in riskier sectors that cannot attract investment capital through traditional channels.


The GAFSP Private Sector Window adds value to current multilateral efforts in agriculture and food security through its focus on smallholder farmers and MSMEs. Also, it will crowd-in private sector investment funding by supporting projects with a different risk/return profile. The Private Sector Window sources proposals from private sector firms for financing for private sponsors and MDBs throughout the year, as well as reviewing the IFC's own pipeline.


Types of Financing


Eligibility for Funding 



Key Documents

Private Sector Window - Changing Lives (link, 2014)