The Private Sector Window is regularly seeking investment opportunities in financially and environmentally sustainable projects in agribusiness. More information on GAFSP Private Sector Investment Profile and to get in contact with the Investment Team, please  e-mail the IFC GAFSP Sectretariat ( The currently approved projects are listed below.


Investment Projects

Approved 2017

  • Burkina Faso III: $16.8 million to support cotton farmers in Burkina Faso 

Approved 2016:

  • MHV: $6 million investment to expand hazelnut production in Bhutan

  • Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA)$27.5 million investment to meet the energy needs of Kenya's tea industry

  • Insta$3.5 million to assist in the fight against severe acute malnutrition

  • Tiviski Dairy$4.75 million to expand dairy production in Mauritania

  • Fertiplant: $5 million to develop the nascent fertilizer industry in Kenya

  • Balton CP: $2 million to increase rural incomes and improve the lives of small farmers across Africa

  • SMTP$1.5 million to support poultry production in Madagascar

  • Barry Callebaut$1.1 million to increase access to finance and inputs in Cote d’Ivoire

Approved 2015:

  • Ethiopia Coffee 2: $1.4 million investment in a risk sharing facility to provide financing to farmer cooperatives.
  • KCB Bank Rwanda: $3.8 million investment help farmer cooperatives gain access to finance and training.

Approved 2014:

  • Malawi Mangoes: $10 million to support Malawi Mangoes, the first commercial fruit farming enterprise and fruit processing company in Malawi, to expand its tropical fruit production and processing operations.
  • Probiotech: $3.8 million investment to boost poultry productivity and farmer incomes in Nepal.

Approved in 2013:

  • Societe Ivoiriene de Banque: $40 million investment to increase lending for women in agribusiness in Côte d’Ivoire
  • Pearl Dairy (Uganda):  $8 million investment in the company to help the dairy sector in Uganda achieve its full potential.
  • FDL:  $7 million investment to increase micro financing to rural and agribusiness sectors in Nicaragua.
  • africaJuice (Ethiopia):  $3 million to help support the company's $14.8 million capacity and production expansion project.  More information (pdf)

Approved in 2012:

Global Warehouse Program:

  • GWFP BICIS: $20 million guarantee to support farmers through warehouse financing in Senegal.
  • GWFP CRDB: $10 million investment to support financing for Tanzania’s small farmers and cooperatives.
  • GWFP Mali Cotton: $6 million GWFP investment to support cotton farmers in Mali.


Advisory Services Projects

Approved in 2013

  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (Liberia and Sierra Leone):  $560,000 and $536,000, respectively, to finance more sustainable and efficient  palm oil production in Liberia and Sierra Leone. More information (pdf)
  • Nepal Poultry Sector Project (Nepal): $70,000 to extend an existing project to reach an additional 1,000 female farmers using gender-sensitive training methodology. More Information (pdf)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa Irrigation Diagnostic (Multiple Countries): $37,700 to collaborate with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on an irrigation diagnostic  to identify crops that have the best potential for more efficient irrigation in Africa as well as identifying potential partners. More Information (pdf)
  • Farmer Capacity Building in Partnership with Ecom Coffee (Kenya):  $617,270 investment to suppot capacity building of farmers and cooperatives by offering training on practices to improve productivity, to meet international standards, and to become "bankable". More Information (pdf)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa Strategic Grains Reserve Study (Multiple Countries): $355,000 to support a mapping study in the region that aims to identify key issues around policy, storage, and handling of strategic grain reserves. More Information (pdf)