Roya Renovation

$18 million to provide financing to farmers for the renovation of coffee plantations in Nicaragua affected by coffee rust

This project will provide long-term loans to help Nicaraguan coffee farmers combat the devastating effects of La Roya – the coffee rust fungus – which has swept through Central America crippling production and threatening the livelihoods of millions who depend on the coffee industry.


The project is a unique partnership between IFC, GAFSP, Atlantic (a subsidiary of the coffee trader Ecom), Starbucks and the Inter-American Development Bank. The project will help approximately 500 farmers -- many of whom work less than 12 acres -- replant and renovate their farms. It will also provide them with new coffee varieties that are resistant to the fungus and technical support to improve their agricultural practices. Once up and running, IFC hopes to expand the program to other countries.



The GAFSP Public Sector Window also funds the Caribbean Coast Food Security project in Nicaragua.


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  • Mr. Niraj Shah (Head, GAFSP Unit for IFC,,+1-202-473-3743), based in Washington D.C. 



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