Rubber Renovation

$25 million to finance Liberian rubber farmers as they emerge from the Ebola crisis

Supported by GAFSP and IFC, this project targets long-term support to rubber tree farmers emerging from the Ebola crisis. Firestone Company is a sponsor in this program and will provide support to 600 independent outgrower farmers with technical support, guidance, and new planting material, as well as a secure off-take agreement. This will enhance the farmers’ ability to access long-term affordable financing to replant and rehabilitate up to 8,000 hectares of rubber farms over a four to five year period. The financing will be available through partner banks to whom IFC and GASFP will offer partial credit guarantees or long term funding that makes it possible for these banks to lend to eligible farmers.



The GAFSP Public Sector Window is also funding the Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization project (SAPEC) in Liberia.


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Contact Information:

  • Mr. Niraj Shah (Head, GAFSP Unit for IFC,,+1-202-473-3743), based in Washington D.C. 



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