$40 million for the Food Security Support Project in Louga, Matam and Kaffrine Regions (PASA/Lou-Ma-Kaf) to promote livestock and crop production in vulnerable zones, including investments focused on provision of water management systems, rural roads, and animal vaccination centers.

GAFSP funding supports the Food Security Support Project in Louga, Matam, and Kaffrine (PASA-Lou/Ma/Kaf), which is designed to improve food security and rural poverty in three high-potential, drought-prone zones.  It aims to sustainably increase crop and animal productions and increase small producers' incomes by providing support for producers and livestock breeders, developing agricultural and livestock infrastructure, and improving water management.


In the Ferlo sylvo pastoral zone (northern Louga and Matam), the project will  focus on livestock water points, rural roads, rural animal vaccination centers, and financing for model ruminant and poultry operations.


In Kaffrine and southern Louga, it will focus on water management systems for irrigated cropping, rural roads, support for water users associations, extension services, and subsidized crop inputs.


The GAFSP Private Sector Window is also funding the Global Warehouse Finance Program to Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie du Senegal (BICIS) in Senegal (GWFP BICIS).


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African Development Bank



  • Mr. Ken Johm (Team Leader, k.johm@afdb.org) based at the African Development Bank Office in Cote d'Ivoire.


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