Steering Committee

GAFSP is a Financial Intermediary Fund administered by the World Bank. The ultimate decision making body of the GAFSP is its Steering Committee, established in April 2010. The Steering Committee is comprised of Voting Members and Non-Voting Members. The current chair of the Steering Committee (from September 2013) is United States of America.


Voting members are limited to an equal number of major donors and recipient representatives. The recipient representatives, representing their respective regions and not their location countries, were selected in two meetings in April 2010 through a self-selection by World Bank Executive Directors representing at least one IDA country.


Non-voting members are representatives of potential Supervising Entities (World Bank and other MDBs [AfDB, IDB, IFAD, FAO, and WFP*]), IFC, CSOs (two from Southern CSOs and one from a Northern CSO), and the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Representative on Food Security and Nutrition. CSO representatives are selected through a self-selection process managed through their respective networks.


Steering Committee Composition (June, 2017 pdf)


All members of the Steering Committee, regardless of their voting status, fully participate in the Committee deliberations.

*The World Bank and other MDBs and IFAD are potential Supervising Entities for investment operations and/or technical assistance, FAO and WFP are potential Supervising Entities for technical assistance only.