$27.9 million for the Tajikistan Second Public Employment for Sustainable Agriculture and Water Resources Management Project (PAMP II) for increased crop production through improved irrigation and drainage infrastructure and improved water resource management policies. 

The GAFSP funding for Tajikistan supports the government's scale-up of Public Employment for Sustainable Agriculture and Water Management Project (PAMP) activities. PAMP focused  on the immediate, short term aspects of rehabilitating the irrigation system and introducing sustainable management. The additional GAFSP funding, through PAMP II, will contribute to activities designed to increase the long-term sustainability of the improved irrigation system.  The project is estimate to create 1.5 million working days of employment, improve 1,500 kilometers of collection and drainage, renovate 500 km of irrigation canals, and fortify about 7,000 spillways; approximately 75,000 households will have increased incomes related to these water improvements.


Interactive Map: Tajikistan

This interactive map of Tajikistan highlights the target area for scale-up activities under PAMP II funded through GAFSP. The map overlays sub-national poverty data, rural development data, demographic indicators and other information relevant to the program, like market centers.


PAMP II targets the region of Khatlon, which has the highest levels of malnutrition in the country, with approximately 1.4 million people in Khatlon identified as food insecure. While Khatlon also has high agricultural potential, it is mostly unrealized due in part of the lack of adequate irrigation infrastructure.


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The World Bank



  • Mr. Bobojon Yatimov (Task Team Leader (Senior Rural Development Specialist), byatimov@worldbank.org, tel. (992-372)21-07-56 ext. 238) based in Dushanbe.


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