$22.9 million for the Expanding Rice Production Project to support the rehabilitation of irrigation schemes and an input voucher scheme for rice input packages in project zones.

GAFSP funding contributes to sector growth with a particular focus on enhancing rice production in the TARIPA-SAGCOT area in Tanzania Mainland, and in Mtwango, Kibokwa, and Ole in Zanzibar Islands.  The ultimate aim is to improve food and nutrition security of smallholder farmers in the identified project areas.  Indirect benefits will include increased income and better livelihoods in the local project area, price stability for rice in the domestic market, and contributing towards curbing rising food prices. Specifically, GAFSP finances interventions that promote a seed multiplication distribution system, accelerate adoption of new technologies, rehabilitate irrigation schemes, and enhance capacity for monitoring and evaluation.


The GAFSP Private Sector Window is also funding the Global Warehouse Finance Program (GWFP) to the Cooperative Rural Development Bank (CRDB), Tanzania’s largest agribusiness lending institution (GWFP CRDB).


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World Bank



  • Mr. Pierre-Olivier Colleye (Task Team Leader (Senior Microfinance Specialist), pcolleye@worldbank.org, 1 (202) 473-5039) for the World Bank, based in Washington, DC.
  • Ms. Sarah Simmons, Senior Agriculutural Specialist, ssimons1@worldbank.org, 255-22-216-3242, based in Tanzania. 


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