Tiviski Dairy

$7 million to modernize and expand Tiviski Dairy, a market leader in Mauritania 

A mostly desert country, with a population of about 3.5 million, mauritania has a wealth of natural resources, particularly in the mining sector, and has experienced sustained growth thanks to a period of high international commodity prices. The country is also a modest oil producer and has some of the most abundant fish stocks in the world.


Tiviski Dairy is the largest employer in the dairy sector in Mauritania and competes successfully with a number of imported products. Before Tiviski started operating, fresh milk was not marketed at all in Mauritania, except for a few thousand liters sold raw by herders, who lived near the cities, direct to consumers or to small-scale milk retailers.


Tiviski’s main product is pasteurized fresh milk, which represents 94 percent of the company’s revenue. Tiviski also produces ultra-high-temperature (UHT) milk, yogurt, butter and cheese. Tiviski has a milk collection capacity of 42,000 liters per day including two collection centers in the cities of Rosso and Boghe. The company is the market leader in Mauritania with about 50 percent market share in the pasteurized fresh milk segment.


Expected Results

This project aims to play a large developmental role in Mauritania, particularly among pastoralist communities. The project is expected to provide support to over 2,000 livestock herders and their families, generate 200 additional jobs within Mauritania, and encourage gender promotion as 15 percent of Tiviski’s milk suppliers are female. The project will also aspire to promote and preserve the ancient tradition of pastoralism by alleviating rural to urban migration and mitigate poverty in the Sahel region. In addition, IFC and GAFSP’s investment in Tiviski will help to ensure food safety through the provision of pasteurized milk. 



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