$27.6 million for the Multisectoral Food Security and Nutrition Project to support the government's efforts to explicitly link agriculture, nutrition, health and education through school-based demonstration gardens, nutrition education, and small gardens. 

In Uganda, subsistence farming by smallholders currently accounts for 96% of all farm production, a quarter of total GDP, employs over two-third of workers, and earns over 40% of household income. GAFSP funds support the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy and Investment Plan (DSIP), which is designed to increase rural incomes, increase livelihoods and improve food and nutrition security. Specifically, the funds will target vulnerable smallholder households to help increase and diversify production of nutritious foods, improve nutrition knowledge and practices (especially in the “critical window” of conception through 24 months), and strengthen coordination mechanisms between agriculture, health, and education sectors to address cross-cutting nutrition issues at national and local government levels.



The GAFSP Private Sector Window is also funding the Pearl Diary project to support its milk processing plant operation in Uganda.


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World Bank



Mr. Zia Hyder (Task Team Leader (Senior Nutrition Specialist), zhyder@worldbank.org), based in Washington, D.C.


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