Wienco Liberia

$5 million to support Liberian cocoa farmers as they emerge from the Ebola crisis

The project is a blended finance solution from IFC and GAFSP to provide long-term affordable financing to small farmers through Wienco Liberia Limited. The funding will provide capital for Wienco to build increased storage facilities across Liberia and offer pre-harvest financing of fertilizers and agricultural inputs to benefit small cocoa farmers in the country.


This project is a component of IFC’s Recovery Response Program to the Ebola crisis, which requires a timely reaction to provide financing to local private companies in order to reach outgrowers and smallholder farmers and increase agricultural productivity.



The GAFSP Public Sector Window is also funding the Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization project (SAPEC) in Liberia.


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Contact Information:

  • Mr. Niraj Shah (Head, GAFSP Unit for IFC,,+1-202-473-3743), based in Washington D.C. 



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