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Our Approach

GAFSP does not implement projects, rather we pool donor resources and channel funding through established regional and multilateral development agencies that have the necessary expertise to guide projects to success.

To do this, we offer a diverse and flexible range of public and private investment tools that can be customized to meet the needs and interests of recipients along the entire agriculture value chain – from ‘farm to fork’. These include grants, technical assistance, concessional loans, blended finance, and advisory services.


GAFSP Operational Model


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What Makes Us Unique

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Demand-driven, Country-owned projects

We target funding to countries with the greatest needs and where it is likely to have the biggest impact. Before the projects are even selected, the recipient country is in the driver’s seat: designing the project, holding consultations with stakeholders, and identifying partners to work with.

Our Work
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Impact That Goes Beyond Agriculture

Investment in agriculture is crucial to alleviate hunger and lift millions out of poverty. Improved food systems can raise farmers’ incomes, help adapt and build farmers’ resilience to the changing climate, and provide access to safe and nutritious food.

Focus Areas
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Building Private Sector Opportunities

We provide blended finance solutions and advisory services to support projects with a high potential for impact but may not generally attract commercial funding due to perceived high risks.

Private Sector Opportunities

Partner with Us

GAFSP’s inclusive and transparent governance is what makes us unique.

Our donors, recipients, civil society organizations, and implementing partners work together to improve the lives of smallholder farmers and their families. Thanks to the meaningful engagement of all our stakeholders, we have the right expertise and resources to direct funds where they will make the greatest impact.

Explore different funding options and how to partner with GAFSP.

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