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Strengthening Agriculture Productivity and Resilience Project Plus (SAPREP+)

An additional $20 million in funding will support the ongoing project increasing agriculture productivity, market access, incomes of smallholder farmers, and promoting better diet and nutrition practices in areas that are most vulnerable to and worst hit by the humanitarian and food crisis.
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In recent years, Yemen has been experiencing severe political, societal, economic and security shocks. Access to basic services such as food and economic livelihoods are still very limited. Yemen imports up to 90% of its food, despite the fact that 70% of its population lives in rural areas and depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Yemen suffers inordinately from the detrimental effects of climate change; communities face recurring cycles of destructive droughts and flooding. 


SAPREP+, building off the ongoing project, aims to reduce poverty and food insecurity in the seven governorates that are most vulnerable to and worst hit by the country’s ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, particularly among women and marginalized groups. The project will contribute to this goal through sustainable improvements in livelihoods, nutrition, and resilience of rural households in target communities, achieved by increasing agriculture productivity, market access, and smallholder farmers’ incomes and by promoting better diet and nutrition practices.

Project Status

Under Preperation


Republic of Yemen



Focus area

  • Fragility

Supervising entity

  • FAO
  • World Bank

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