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Enhancing Water Resources in the Heart of the Sahel-Saharan Region

Niger is located in the heart of the Sahel-Saharan region and is prone to recurring food insecurity. See how the GAFSP-funded project mobilized water resources for the local communities.
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A Real Change for Farmers in Zambia

"Everyone goes to the fields. That's the work we do," says Janet Kanyolo, farmer and livestock owner from Chibobo, Zambia. Watch the video to learn about the impact of GAFSP's project on her work.
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Forging a Collective Response to a Global Food Security Crisis in 2024

In this Q&A with GAFSP Leadership, we talk about the achievements of the program, future priorities and what needs to change to build the resilience of smallholder farmers and food systems in the world’s poorest countries.
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GAFSP's Transformative Impact Spotlighted in the 2023 Trust Fund Annual Report

From enhancing agricultural resilience in Burkina Faso to catalyzing cooperative farming networks in Ethiopia, GAFSP's transformative initiatives are shaping sustainable development.