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Our Mission

GAFSP aims to improve food and nutrition security and build the sustainability of agriculture and food systems, providing financial and technical resources to projects along the food chain, from ‘farm to table’. Since 2010, GAFSP has pooled $2 billion in donor funds and supported over 190 public and private sector projects worldwide.  

Governments, the private sector, and producer organizations choose and tailor interventions best suited to their own contexts. They design, lead, and implement these projects in partnership with the world’s leading development agencies, who have knowledge and presence on the ground. These investments – more than half of which are in fragile contexts – have a strong focus on progressing climate action and improving farmers’ livelihoods, food security and nutrition. 

GAFSP Operational Model

GAFSP Principles and Model

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Demand-driven Approach

GAFSP offers a range of flexible public and private investment tools that can be customized to meet multiple interests, needs, and cross-cutting priorities based on local contexts. 

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Inclusive Governance

GAFSP is collectively governed by donors, recipient countries, civil society organizations, and multilateral development agencies that contribute their expertise and participate in all decision-making. 

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Countries and smallholders leverage the expertise, tools, and skills of development agencies, using them for both technical assistance and for investment. 

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Humanitarian Response

GAFSP complements humanitarian responses. We invest in strengthening smallholders’ resilience and building medium- to long-term sustainable food security.

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Community Response

GAFSP provides grants directly to producer organizations, recognizing that smallholders are the best placed to recognize the impacts on the ground and are the most responsive in times of crisis. 

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Impact Beyond Agriculture

GAFSP has supported more than 16 million farmers and their families to achieve higher agricultural productivity, increased incomes, and improved nutrition security.

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