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rice farming


How We Are Making a Difference

Improved agriculture and food systems can raise incomes, generate employment, reduce local food prices, and provide people with diverse and nutritious diets. GAFSP responds to demand on the ground, enabling farmers and countries to customize investments to meet multiple needs, with profound impacts both within and beyond the agriculture sector.


million people reached

Every day, we help empower millions of farmers. More than 16 million rural people, including nearly 7 million women, have received direct support through our public sector projects.


billion in financing

Our portfolio includes over $1.5 billion in grant financing to countries, $476 million to support private sector development, and $47 million to farmers' or producer organizations.   


of projects address climate

All public sector projects include adaptation or mitigation co-benefits efforts, supporting critical agricultural interventions that boost farmers’ climate resilience.

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Results Highlights

Through a combination of public and private investments, our projects deliver strategic support that goes beyond agriculture.

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