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Ending Poverty and Hunger

We work to improve food and nutrition security through effective partnerships, strategic development, and targeted use of funds.

What We Do

Launched by the G20 in response to the 2007–2008 food price crisis, the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) is a multilateral financing instrument dedicated to fighting hunger, malnutrition, and poverty in the world's poorest countries. We work to support smallholder farmers and their families by strengthening sustainable and resilient food and agriculture systems. Since 2010, we have provided $1.7 billion in financial and technical resources to projects along the entire agriculture value chain. These funds are delivered through partnerships with multilateral development agencies and private sector actors with presence and expertise on the ground.

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Our Mission

Vegetable market. Madagascar.

Reduce Poverty

Through long-term investments in agriculture, food and nutrition security, our projects create employment opportunities, generate incomes, and reduce rural poverty.

Handful of peanuts. Mali.

Fight Hunger

Globally, between 720 and 811 million people face hunger. We amplify the impact of development assistance with the goal of fighting hunger.

Woman on the farm in Benin

Empower Farmers

80% of the world’s food is grown on small or family farms. We support resilient and sustainable agriculture systems that benefit and empower vulnerable smallholder farmers and their families.

Our Portfolio

16 million beneficiaries

million people reached

Every day, we help empower millions of farmers. More than 16 million rural people, including approximately 6.3 million women, have received direct support through our public sector projects. 

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$1.7 billion in financing

billion in financing

We have channeled $1.7 billion to fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty, with $1.3 billion in grant financing, $416.5 million in private sector financing, and $13.2 million to producer organization-led projects. 

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65% of projects address climate change

of projects address climate

Our public sector investments directly address climate change through mitigation and adaption technologies such as resistant seed varieties, more efficient irrigation and drought resistant mulching.

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Farmer Stories

In Kosovo, Microfinance Expands Herds—And Hopes

Until three years ago, Remzi Bala had a small family homestead in central Kosovo, but with just one old tractor and no livestock, he struggled to make the farm productive, let alone profitable. That changed in 2017, when he applied for his first loan with KEP Trust, a leading microfinance institution in Kosovo.

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What women in Nepal can teach the world about growing food

Good food begins with farmers, and things started to change when GAFSP began investing in rural farming communities in Nepal.

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In Ethiopia, COVID-19 is Causing Disruptions in Meat Processing, Even as Demand Surges

We talk with Tesfalidet Hagos, the founder and general manager of Luna Export Slaughterhouse, one of Ethiopia’s largest meat processors, to see how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their business and the smallholders in their supply chains.

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Helping Yemeni Farmers Restore Life in war-torn Yemen

Yemeni farmers have had their livelihoods severely disrupted because of ongoing conflict.

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