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dairy farming

Resilient Agri-food Clusters Development Project

About the Project

In the Kyrgyz Republic, GAFSP funds totaling $5 million will strengthen producer organizations, farmers’ organizations, and agribusinesses to expand their productive and organizational capacity, improve their climate resilience, and participate in emerging agri-food clusters. GAFSP financing will support the strengthening of the existing producers' groups and facilitate their integration into selected value chains. By addressing organizational development deficiencies, linking targeted technical training and technology promotion, and improving readiness to embrace markets, groups can become more effective value-chain actors and credible partners for upstream and downstream stakeholders.     

The GAFSP financing would fill an important investment gap to complement ongoing investments in the agriculture sector, by providing targeted, catalytic funding to increase the capacity of farm and producer organizations to maximize their limited resources and better participate in value chain opportunities. The project will target a range of groups or associations operating within the dairy and horticulture value chains, which the Government has identified as the most in need of more organized producer associations. These value chains represent the highest potential for growth and resilience building, their nutritious products are not consumed in adequate quantities, and where the need for more organized producer associations with a special focus on women and youth is most acute. 


  • Kyrgyz Republic

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  • World Bank

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