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Public Sector Grants 

GAFSP provides grants to low-income countries to support national agricultural and food security investment plans that governments developed with farmers, agribusinesses, technical experts, and civil society organizations. These grants typically range in size from US$5-50 million and support innovative public and private sector activities focused on smallholders.

Public Sector Portfolio

As of December 2021, our public sector portfolio had financed over $1.5 billion to 75 country-led projects in 47 countries.

Public Sector Results


million people

Over 4.3 million people have access to healthy food and more diverse diets. Close to 60 percent of GAFSP’s public sector projects include nutrition-related activities.


of projects address climate

Two-thirds of public sector projects have elements that contribute to climate change co-benefits, delivering either mitigation or adaptation benefits.


million people

More than 16.4 million rural people, including approximately 6.6 million women, have received direct support through our public sector projects. 

Knowledge-Sharing Across Projects 

GAFSP promotes knowledge sharing and learning across its portfolio by hosting bi-annual knowledge forums and other learning activities that bring together relevant stakeholders to exchange ideas and share lessons learned. Over the years, GAFSP has organized four Knowledge Forums, with the latest one conducted in a virtual format in 2021.