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Building Climate-Resilient Food Systems in Africa

GAFSP’s projects focus on solutions that support smallholder farmers, countries and agribusinesses to proactively adapt to changing circumstances right away, through access to climate-resilient, drought-resistant seed varieties, or more efficient intercropping methods.

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Nourish the World, Secure the Future

This publication contains stories from rural Laos, documenting strategies, techniques, and practices used by rural small-scale farmers. It highlights how they play a crucial role in improving nutrition security and fighting malnutrition among women and children.

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The Laotian Cook: Traditional Recipes from Northern Laos

This expansive culinary guide features voices from smallholder farmers supported by IFAD and GAFSP-funded projects. Featuring over 30 recipes—from rice and soup to meat and vegetables—this book showcases the diverse dishes and ingredients across the country, along with the unique regional specialties.

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Working Together to Build Resilient Food Systems

The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program is a multilateral financing platform dedicated to improving food and nutrition security worldwide. Learn more about our value-add and what makes us the partner of choice.

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