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Fact Sheet: Raising GAFSP's Ambition on Climate Change

Since 2010, GAFSP has supported the inclusion of climate change considerations across all program elements and, moving forward, GAFSP is deepening the integration of climate considerations and solutions across all operations.

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Global Food Security Program Makes Climate Focus Official

Many GAFSP projects already had climate elements but this is the first time the program will require it. The move was driven by smallholder farmers, who are seeing the ill effects of climate change on their production and livelihoods.

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Rwanda’s Greenhouses Bring Growth

Despite strong economic growth and falling poverty levels, Rwanda faces significant challenges in meeting food demands and food security. Farmer and father, Jean-Paul Kubwimana, defied these challenges, increasing his income by 15 times. Driving past a greenhouse full of healthy tomatoes, he decided to investigate how greenhouse tomatoes could benefit his family.  

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Twitter Chat: Empowering Women Farmers for a Sustainable Future for All

Women play a central role in agriculture and food systems, yet they remain more at risk of being food insecure than men. Hosted by ActionAid USA and GAFSP, this Twitter Chat will highlight that women's empowerment is critical to creating and maintaining a sustainable future for all.

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Strengthening Rice Production in Cambodia

Despite decades of economic growth, many sectors of the rice production industry in Cambodia remain vulnerable to climate change events, and farmers do not have access to knowledge of modern rice production and processing techniques.

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New Seeds for Sustainability

Farmer groups in Bangladesh adapt to climate change with new, high-quality seeds. We aimed to open a new window of technology for farmers, but we wanted to adopt a bottom-up approach. Read the full story to learn more.

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Changing Lives

Insights into how investments made possible by the GAFSP Private Sector Window help change the lives of farmers worldwide. Edition 8 | January 2022

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How smallholder farmers bounced back during the health crisis

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, GAFSP was able to respond quickly and flexibly to the emerging crisis – providing much needed financing that allowed farmers to design and implement the interventions which worked best for them.

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