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From the Cow to the Customer – Women Farmers in Bangladesh Organize Themselves

It all started when Renu Bala, a dairy farmer from the village of Panjor Bhanga in northern Bangladesh, went from house-to-house to pitch her idea to create a cooperative. Today, more than 40 women have joined her dairy co-op, and collect more than 200 liters of milk per day, which they sell to local sweet shops and milk processing companies at premium prices – bringing in a profit. Read how one dairy cooperative is growing with funds from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP).

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Statement from GAFSP Co-Chairs: GAFSP and COVID-19

Today, more than ever, the need for programmes like GAFSP is crucial as a source of financing for non-humanitarian investments in the most vulnerable countries and communities around the world. This will ensure our progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is not further reversed by the ongoing pandemic.

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The Missing Middle Initiative

With global hunger rising and farmer incomes declining, family farmers must be at the center of their own development.

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An African Entrepreneur is Revolutionizing Kenya’s Supply Chain

Peter Njonjo, Co-Founder and CEO of Twiga Foods, sat down with GAFSP Private Sector Window’s Daphna Berman at IFC headquarters in Washington D.C. recently to discuss the challenges facing African entrepreneurs, his decision to leave Coca-Cola, and why he needed to sell his Nairobi home in a quest to ensure that his vision for Twiga became a reality.

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IFC Invests in Soufflet Ethiopia to Boost Local Malt Production, Support Farmers

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Private Sector Window of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP), today announced a €20 million investment in Soufflet Malt Ethiopia to help the company build and operate a malting plant in Ethiopia, supporting local farmers and economic growth.

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GAFSP Investment Case Video

GAFSP aims to improve food and nutrition security and build the sustainability of agriculture and food systems in the medium- to long-term by providing financial and technical resources to projects along the entire agriculture value chain, from ‘farm to table’.

Public Sector Contact

Ms. Clare Murphy-McGreevey

External Affairs Officer

Based in Washington, D.C.

Private Sector Contact

Ms. Daphna Berman

Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist

Based in Washington, D.C.