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Making Fish Big Business in Northern Lao PDR

Thirty-nine-year-old Xienginphone Phengthavong is a typical smallholder farmer from the village, growing rice as the main staple food, cultivating vegetables in the home garden, and raising fish in his fishpond, all for household consumption.

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Honduran Farmers See a Window of Opportunity for Growth

Three smallholders from the Central American country share their experiences with AgroMoney, a financial inclusion and technical assistance scheme run by Grupo Cadelga and the IFC, with the support of GAFSP's Private Sector Window.

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Insight Series: Investing from Farm to Table to Feed the Future

Sr. Don Mariano Jiménez Talavera, former Honduran Ambassador & Permanent Representative to the Rome-based Agencies, gives his insight on working with the GAFSP. He explains why investing in agriculture is more critical now than ever before and how planning in the long-term, together with communities, can help us build resilience to future crises.

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Spain Renews its Support for GAFSP

The Government of Spain recently pledged EUR 10 million for GAFSP, thereby renewing its commitment of support towards the program.

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GAFSP speaks at the landmark “Uniting for Global Food Security” Ministerial Conference

International leaders came together at the “Uniting for Global Food Security” Ministerial Conference to discuss global initiatives to address food insecurity stemming from the war in Ukraine. Corry van Gaal, Chair of the GAFSP Steering Committee, participated in a discussion on coordinating action in the Global Alliance for Food Security (GAFS).

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Insight Series: More than a Grain of Strength in Mali’s Rice

Adama Doumbia from the World Food Programme and Missing Middle Initiative in Mali gives insight into his experiences working with GAFSP. Building up producer organizations and their capacity to remain independent has been key, he says.

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For Donors, GAFSP is Helping Smallholders ‘Build Back Better’

Iris Krebber, chair of the GAFSP Private Sector Window Donor Committee and Head of Agriculture, Food Security, and Land at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, talks about the importance of blended finance for the agribusiness sector, her biggest development fears, and why, despite it all, she’s finally able to sleep at night.

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