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Sara Bangla Krishak Society Wins the 2023 FAO Achievement Award

FAO/Saikat Mojumder

Rome, 16 October 2023 — The Sara Bangla Krishak Society (SBKS) has been announced as one of the recipients of the prestigious 2023 FAO Achievement Award. The announcement was made this morning by the FAO Director-General QU Dongyu during the opening ceremony of the 2023 World Food Day, in the presence of a distinguished assembly. SBKS shares this remarkable recognition with a Kenyan organization, marking a momentous occasion for agricultural organizations across the globe.

The FAO Achievement Award is a testament to the outstanding performance of individuals and institutions that have made a significant impact in the efficient execution of programs related to FAO's work. SBKS has been recognized for its exemplary work in addressing the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, including women and youth, through innovative tools, programs, and investments in value chains.

In response to this achievement, Rita Bramma, President of SBKS, expressed heartfelt gratitude, saying, "This achievement of the Sara Bangla Krishak Society belongs to all small and marginal farmers. This award gives a much-needed sense of unity and solidarity during a time of another potential food crisis due to the global economic recession. Let us continue to work together to face it as we did with COVID-19! We are grateful to FAO, our donor, GAFSP, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh for their continuous support to smallholders through producers’ organizations."

SBKS, serving as the lead Apex Producer Organization (PO) of the Missing Middle Initiative in Bangladesh, has demonstrated remarkable capacity in servicing its member POs and small farmers over the years. Rita, in her statement, highlighted the challenges overcome by SBKS and emphasized their continuous efforts in transforming the agricultural landscape. SBKS is poised to build on this success under the new project: Accelerating Economic and Social Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers in Climatic Hotspots through Strong Producers’ Organizations (ACCESS), which has recently been approved and is financed by the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP). 

About Sara Bangla Krishak Society (SBKS)

Sara Bangla Krishak Society (SBKS), a national federation of farmer organizations in Bangladesh, is dedicated to supporting small farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture. Through innovative programs and strategic investments, SBKS empowers farmers, including women and youth, to enhance their agricultural productivity and improve their livelihoods.

About the FAO Achievement Award

The FAO Award for Achievement recognizes the outstanding performance of individuals or institutions that have created a true impact in the efficient execution of programs related to FAO's work such as fisheries, forestry, climate, land and water, and animal and plant health, to name but a few. It is awarded to any entity or individual, including FAO teams or employees, for outstanding technical cooperation or humanitarian work at the country level.