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Stories from the Kyrgyz Republic

"There used to be a 50% loss of water. Now we are delivering almost 95-100% of the necessary water to farmers," says Arapbai Kamarov, framer and director of the Khodja Arik Water User Association.

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Changing Lives 2023 Edition

Insights into how investments made possible by the GAFSP Private Sector Window help change the lives of farmers worldwide.
Edition 9 | March 2023

| Impact Stories

Three ways women are breaking the mold

Discover how GAFSP supports critical training for female smallholder farmers to improve their incomes, socio-economic opportunities, and nutrition within the whole community.

Public Sector Contact

Ms. Clare Murphy-McGreevey

External Affairs Officer

Based in Washington, D.C.

Private Sector Contact

Ms. Daphna Berman

Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist

Based in Washington, D.C.