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What We Do

Our Work  

GAFSP aims to improve food and nutrition security and build the sustainability of agriculture and food systems in the medium- to long-term by providing financial and technical resources – grants, concessional loans, blended finance, technical assistance, and advisory services – to projects along the entire agriculture value chain, from ‘farm to table’. 

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Public Sector Grants

We provide grants to low-income countries to support national agriculture and food security investment plans that governments developed with farmers, agribusinesses, technical experts, and civil society organizations. 

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Producer Organizations Grants

We directly support smallholder farmers through small-scale grants for projects that are designed and led by farmers’ and producer organizations, together with an implementing agency partner of choice. 

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Private Sector Financing

We use innovative products and blended concessional finance solutions to support private sector companies that promote inclusive business models, supporting projects that improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

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Portfolio Highlights

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Focus Areas

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Climate Action

Climate change disproportionately affects smallholder farmers. GAFSP supports interventions that help smallholders, countries, and agribusinesses proactively adapt to changing circumstances and build long-term resilience to climate threats. 

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COVID-19 Response

When COVID-19 hit, GAFSP responded by providing additional financing to ongoing projects that allowed smallholders, countries, and agribusinesses to design and implement interventions that worked best for them. 

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Cross-Cutting Themes

GAFSP takes a flexible, demand-driven approach, enabling farmers and countries to customize investments to meet multiple needs and cross-cutting priorities to have profound impacts both within and beyond the agriculture sector. 

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