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Aerial view to Niger river in Niamey Niger

Project to Support the Intensification of Agricultural Production in the Face of the Effects of Climate Change and Insecurity in the Regions of Dosso, Tahoua, and Tillaberi (PAIPA)

About the Project

Niger, grappling with chronic food insecurity and various crises, including climate extremes and armed conflicts, faces significant challenges in its agricultural sector. Despite government initiatives and support from partners, family farms still lack essential services and struggle to ensure food security. In response, producer organizations are mobilizing to provide technical and economic support. Three apex farmer organizations aim to address these challenges through a project focusing on the potato, milk, and lowland rice sectors. Milk production is crucial for nutrition and income in agropastoral communities, while expanding rice cultivation and improving storage for potatoes are seen as vital steps towards food security and poverty alleviation. The project targets vulnerable populations, particularly women, and aims to enhance resilience and increase incomes for small-scale farmers and grassroots organizations.


  • Niger

Project Status

Under Preperation



Supervising entity

  • IFAD

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Enika Basu