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Changing Lives

Insights into how investments made possible by the GAFSP Private Sector Window help change lives of farmers around the world

Edition 3 | March 2017
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Monitoring of Public Policies with Regards to Family Farms and Effectiveness of Farmers Actions

The part of the report on the observation of the family farms behavior on the two agricultural campaigns is the subject of a Booklet 1 (FAMILY FARMS OBSERVATION). From this observation, it can be seen from one year to the next that, depending on climatic functioning, but also on the intensity of public support, family farms are able to make significant progress and thus improve food security and sovereignty in the region.
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Observation of Family Farm Dynamics

The 1st Report of the ROPPA REGIONAL OBSERVATORY OF FAMILY FARMS (OEF / ROPPA) addresses four issues that successively deliver (i) a farmer’s interpretation of West African family farm features over the past two agricultural campaigns; (ii) a table of local advisory support received by these FFs; (iii) an analysis of the policies these FFs and their central organizations had to face; and (iv) the OEF perspectives.
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ROPPA's members Monitoring Practices

The 1st report of the ROPPA REGIONAL FAMILY FARMS OBSERVATORY (OEF / ROPPA) deals with four issues that successively provide (i) a farmer perception of the behavior of West African family farms during the last agricultural campaigns; (Ii) a table of local consulting support received by these FFs; (Iii) an analysis of the policies faced by these FFs and the organizations that represent them; And (iv) prospects for the FFO.

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