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GAFSP Announces Plans for New Call for Proposals

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The war in Ukraine has accelerated the impacts of ongoing shocks and stresses on the global food system – including other conflicts, climate change, natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic – threatening to drive millions more into food insecurity worldwide and derail long-term development.  

The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) is responding to the ongoing food security crisis by making at least US$125 million in grant funding available to assist the world’s poorest countries. GAFSP complements humanitarian assistance with investments in the medium- to long-term resilience and sustainability of agriculture and food systems. In the early Fall, GAFSP will launch a Call for Proposals to provide grants to fill financing gaps in country-led programs, offering flexibility in response to countries’ needs.

These grants will help countries design and implement solutions in line with their current priorities and food security strategies, providing additional financing to new or existing projects with support from GAFSP’s implementing partners – the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Inter-American Development Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Bank, and the World Food Programme. Countries with successful proposals will choose which development agency they wish to work with and decide which project is best placed to shore up sustainable food production.  

GAFSP thanks its Steering Committee for their continued support during this critical time, in particular its recent donors — Germany, Norway, Spain, and the United States —  for their contributions to make this Call possible. 

Later this year, GAFSP will also launch another Call for Proposals to provide grant funding to support producer organizations in this difficult global context.