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Panel Discussion: Partnering with Women Farmers is a Smart Business Decision

Photo: Arne Hoel/World Bank

This exciting panel discussion highlighted examples of gender smart solutions that are successfully creating inclusive agricultural value chains across Africa.  We brought together partners, including Private Sector Window clients such as Grainpulse and Cargill, to explore how top agribusinesses companies boosted their operations, productivity, and profitability by working with women farmers in their value chains. During this conversation, we looked at the drivers, opportunities, challenges, and needs for implementing gender-smart solutions and the social impact and business outcomes of building paths for women farmers' growth. These are real stories from inspiring projects in Rwanda, Niger, Ivory Coast, and Uganda, countries where women comprise a significant part of the agricultural labor yet face access gaps to training, financing, and inputs due to structural gender inequalities. The conversation also featured insights  from GAFSP’s own Iris Krebber, Head of Agriculture, Food Security, Land (UK’s FCDO) and GAFSP PrSW donor committee chair.