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Planting a More Resilient Cotton Sector in Burkina Faso

The effects of climate change are undermining cotton farmers’ livelihoods in Burkina Faso—where 80 percent of the population depend on agriculture to earn a living.
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Blended finance in a Bhutanese nutshell

Promoting hazelnut production by smallholders across Bhutan
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A recipe for success: Kenya's tea farmers taste the benefits of hydropower

Investments in new technology can help boost tea production and farmers' earnings
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Investing in nutrition gains a lifetime of returns on human capital for children in war-torn Yemen

A family business helps millions suffering from acute malnutrition.
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A family business helps millions suffering from acute malnutrition

Insta Products CEO, Dhiren Chandaria, talks about his mission—with GAFSP’s help—to save lives.
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Protecting an ancient way of life in the Sahara

Nomadic Pastoralists get new opportunities for income
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Putting an end to stunting in Rwanda

A healthy productive life requires adequate nutrition. Yet around the world, millions of people are undernourished and hungry.
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Better farming means better lives for cotton farmers in Burkina Faso

Many lives depend on cotton yields in Burkina Faso—one of the World's poorest countries
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Global Agriculture and Food Security Program Announces New Round of Grants to Fight Hunger and Poverty

Seven Countries to Receive $160 Million to Improve Food Security and Increase Incomes
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Changing Lives

Insights into how investments made possible by the GAFSP Private Sector Window help change lives of farmers around the world

Edition 3 | March 2017
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Observation of Family Farm Dynamics

The 1st Report of the ROPPA REGIONAL OBSERVATORY OF FAMILY FARMS (OEF / ROPPA) addresses four issues that successively deliver (i) a farmer’s interpretation of West African family farm features over the past two agricultural campaigns; (ii) a table of local advisory support received by these FFs; (iii) an analysis of the policies these FFs and their central organizations had to face; and (iv) the OEF perspectives.
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ROPPA's members Monitoring Practices

The 1st report of the ROPPA REGIONAL FAMILY FARMS OBSERVATORY (OEF / ROPPA) deals with four issues that successively provide (i) a farmer perception of the behavior of West African family farms during the last agricultural campaigns; (Ii) a table of local consulting support received by these FFs; (Iii) an analysis of the policies faced by these FFs and the organizations that represent them; And (iv) prospects for the FFO.

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Ms. Tammy Mehdi

External Affairs Associate
GAFSP Public Sector Window

Based in Washington, D.C.

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Ms. Daphna Berman

Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist 
GAFSP Private Sector Window

Based in Washington, D.C.

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