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2023 Seventh Call for Proposals for Producer Organizations-led Projects

The world is facing a food crisis of an unprecedented scale, further exacerbated by climate change, conflict, and a global pandemic. In response to these ongoing challenges, the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program continues to serve as a valuable instrument for financially supporting the most vulnerable countries and communities. 

Knowing that the needs of smallholders are urgent, GAFSP is launching the second part of the Seventh Call for Proposals dedicated to the Producer Organization-led projects. 

The Seventh GAFSP Call for Proposals is part of the global response to the current global food security crisis. It is in complete alignment with the Global Alliance for Food Security (GAFS). It contributes to the mobilization of funding to overcome the current crisis and enable the long-term transformation of global agri-food systems towards more resilience and sustainability. The current Call consists of two parts: the first part is dedicated to Country-led proposals (CO-Call), launched in September 2022, and the second is dedicated to Producer Organization-led proposals (PO-Call). 


Proposal Submission for PO-Call

The Guidelines for Producer Organizations are the principal reference and provide a clear guide for the submissions. Applicants are expected to submit their complete submissions in two parts as outlined below.

Proposals must be submitted to the GAFSP Coordination Unit using the following email address: All submitted documents should be in either Microsoft Word, Excel, or in PDF format. All proposals must follow the provided submission requirements and must be submitted in English or French. Please contact the GAFSP Coordination Unit prior to submitting supporting documents in other major languages, which may be permitted on an exceptional basis.

Part 1: EOI

The first part, the Expression of Interest (EOI), includes a package of supporting documents to be submitted no later than February 24, 2023. 

Part 2: Full Proposal

The second part is the full proposal template to be submitted by May 9, 2023.

Call Documents