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Agricultural Growth Project II (AGP-II)

$30 million in additional financing to the Agricultural Growth Project (AGP) in Ethiopia to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization of smallholder farmers.
Photo: World Bank


AGP’s second phase aims to sustainably increase agricultural production and productivity of selected crop and livestock commodities by establishing market linkages, accelerating commercialization, increasing access to agricultural public services, building smallholder farmer capacity in efficient water and crop management to adopt and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, and improving dietary diversification for better health. AGP-II expands on AGP’s approaches by establishing a capacity development support facility to consistently expand private sector participation in SSI work. The project received additional funding from GAFSP to support responses to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Status



  • Ethiopia



Focus area

  • Climate Change

Supervising entity

  • FAO
  • World Bank


As of December 2021, AGP-II has benefitted an incredible 2,518,412 people, 36.9% of them women, surpassing the end of project target by nearly 1 million people. The project improved production on 38,414 hectares of land, including through new irrigation and drainage services; provided all beneficiaries with improved nutrition services and products; supported 9,164 producer-based organizations to facilitate the adoption of new technology among 1,636,674 farmers; and made available direct employment opportunities to 123,435 people.