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Agricultural Growth Project II (AGP-II)

$30 million in additional financing to the Agricultural Growth Project (AGP) in Ethiopia to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization of smallholder farmers.
Photo: World Bank


Smallholder agriculture is the most important sector of Ethiopia’s economy. More than 80% of the population lives in rural areas, and their main source of income is agriculture. The agricultural sector accounts for about 45% of GDP, almost 90% of exports, and 85% of employment. Despite recent positive developments in smallholder agriculture, yields remain low, and many geographical areas have unexploited potential for productivity growth. The exposure to climatic risk like extreme weather events is high, especially in light of the low capacity to store water and irrigate.


AGP's second phase aims to sustainably increase agricultural production and productivity of selected crop and livestock commodities, establish market linkages and accelerate commercialization, increase access to agricultural public services, build smallholder farmers’ capacities in efficient water and crop management to adopt and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, and improve dietary diversification for better health. AGP-II expands on AGP’s approaches by establishing a capacity development support facility that provides TA using a consistent and uniform approach and expanding private sector participation in SSI work.

Project Status



  • Ethiopia



Focus area

  • Climate Change

Supervising entity

  • FAO
  • World Bank


To date, AGP-II has benefitted 1.73 million people, incl. 62 percent women. The project has so far:

  • Supported construction of 19,424 hectares of small-scale irrigation
  • Upgraded 334 Farmer Training Centers
  • Conducted 117,845 demonstrations on new technologies
  • Supported 70 animal health clinics and 35 animal health posts

Additionally, the percentages of male and female farmers using agricultural services have increased by 54 percent and 19 percent, respectively. 


Vikas Choudhary
Task Team Leader and Senior Agricultural Specialist

Hussein Kebede