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Building Smallholder Farmers’ Resilience for Food, Nutrition, and Income Security in Lao PDR

aGREEN Project: Kasikam si Kiao

About the Project

Small-scale farmers and rural households, members of the Lao Farmers Network (LFN), including women, youth, ethnic groups, have not benefitted from strong economic growth and are disproportionally affected by food insecurity, all forms of malnutrition, and poverty. The aGreen project will address these impacts on LFN members, prioritizing three provinces with high poverty and malnutrition incidence. The aGREEN project adopts an agroecology-focused approach that includes:

  • Professionalization of the LFN, commodity networks, and Agriculture Production Groups (APG or sub-PO) to enhance their capacity to deliver services to their members,
  • Support to climate-resilient production through access to financing, improved production technologies, reduced production and post-harvest losses and farmer-to-farmer circular learning involving farmer experts (lead farmers) and demonstrations,
  • Market-led approach to production, post-harvest and value addition through reliable market linkages between farmers groups organized in commodity networks and SMEs.


  • Lao PDR

Project Status

Under Preperation



Supervising entity

  • WFP

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