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Enhanced Resilience and Food and Nutrition Security in Kémo and Ouaka Districts (PARSANKO)

About the Project

Despite emerging from the most-violent conflict in its history, the Central African Republic’s poverty levels remain very high, with 75% of the population living below the international poverty line of US$1.90 per day in 2019. The agriculture sector remains the backbone of the economy, providing 75% of jobs and generating more than 50% of national wealth and 75% of food for consumption. Recurrent periods of insecurity and political crisis have had serious consequences, particularly in rural areas; many farmers have left their land, and others have lost access to agricultural inputs and agro-pastoral markets.

In response, PARSANKO will sustainably improve food security and nutrition among vulnerable populations and rural communities in the districts of Kémo and Ouaka through activities and approaches aimed at solidifying resilience, livelihoods, and incomes.

$15.4 million is being invested to sustainably improve the resilience, livelihoods, and incomes of vulnerable populations and rural communities in areas that are in an ongoing food security crisis.


  • Central African Republic

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  • AfDB
  • FAO

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Miabe Djekornonde


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