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Rural landscape in Haiti

Promotion of Resilient Agroforestry in Grand’Anse: Scaling up and Professionalizing Small-Scale Initiatives to Build Back Better

About the Project

In Haiti, a $3.0 million grant to Réseaux des Organisations de Producteurs et Productrices de la Grand’Anse (ROPAGA) will increase smallholder farmers’ food security and resilience inGrand’Anse, one of the poorest regions of Haiti mainly active in the agricultural sector, by supporting them to build back better and sustain farmers’ livelihoods in a post-earthquake and climate change context.  

The project intends to do so by scaling up ROPAGA’s current efforts, improving food security and resilience to climate shocks through Agroecological practices, including agroforestry techniques, improved livestock management, and beekeeping. To increase their incomes and build their resilience to climate shocks, through local production and marketing of productive and drought- and flood-resilient varieties of fruit and tubers. The project will also improve access to wider market and transformation opportunities, by linking producers to local private sector entities, as well as their access to agricultural finance and agriculture-related ventures.  by developing a line of agricultural credit that will allow farmers to make productive investments and provide sustainable revenue sources for the PO’s future self-sufficiency.  

ROPAGA’s Agroforestry and Resilience Project will work in partnership with ActionAid and WFP to target current barriers faced by farmers in a cohesive program designed to take advantage of both the localized knowledge and community reach of local organizations and the economies of scale and opportunities of access to well-established organizations like ROPAGA and ActionAid. This project will enable ROPAGA to build on and scale up its current efforts in two of the communes most affected by the August 2021 earthquake, and it will target 10,000 small farmers.  


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