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Small Islands Food and Water Project (SIFWaP)

$12 million will support a multi-country project to improve food, nutrition, and water security and enhance livelihoods opportunities in the small island communities of these countries.
Photo: AusAID/Creative Commons


The Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, the Republic of the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu –are among the smallest, most isolated and fragile of Small Islands Developing States. 

Dependence on food imports, lack of nutritious foods, difficult agricultural conditions, unstable access to water, emigration, limited human technical capacity, and climate change are some of the fragility challenges that these countries face. 

Over recent decades, cheap non-nutritious imports such as rice, noodles, bread and sugar became readily available and slowly replaced traditional crops, which are more difficult to grow and cook. As a result, traditional diets have changed and populations increasingly rely on cheap imported foods, which are often less nutritious. This change in traditional diets has led to a severe deterioration of health. In particular, the prevalence of nutritional disorders is escalating with high levels of stunting in children, overweight/obesity in adults, and non-communicable diseases -hypertension, diabetes and cardio-vascular disease. 


The Small Islands Food and Water Project (SIFWaP) seeks to contribute to reducing the fragility and the poor food, nutrition and water security. Agricultural systems are also addressed to ensure the production and availability of local nutritious foods. Climate change adaptation measures will be mainstreamed in agricultural production activities to increase climate resilience.

The project aims to improve food, nutrition and water security and livelihood opportunities in the small island communities by investing in projects to address food, nutrition and water security at community, group or household level; sensitizing and enabling communities to diagnose, prioritize and implement activities to address food, nutrition and water security; and developing an enabling policy framework for addressing food, nutrition and water security. 

Project Status

Under Preperation


Federated States of Micronesia



Focus area

  • Fragility

Supervising entity

  • FAO
  • IFAD

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