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Lesotho scenery

Smallholder Agriculture Development Project (SADP) II

About the Project

The project will focus on improving resilience of small-scale agriculture and food systems through increased commercialization, value chain and nutrition development amongst farmers. Priority will be given to horticulture value chain and commodities demonstrating growth potential, inclusion and employment opportunities for women and youth. Further, the project will contribute considerably towards building the resilience of local food systems through investments in producers’ capacities, smart subsidies, insurance schemes and sustainable market linkages, through public private producer partnerships (4P approach) and supporting evidence-based policy engagement that informs national instruments to ultimately benefit smallholder farmers in reducing poverty and food insecurity.


  • Lesotho

Project Status

Under Preperation



Supervising entity

  • IFAD

Call Year


GAFSP Funding Amount



Philipp Baumgartner