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Maldives - Coconut

Strengthening Agribusiness Producer Organizations in the Maldives through Enterprise Ecosystem Development and Deployment of Digital Solutions

About the Project

In the Maldives, a $2.64 million grant to Addu Meedhoo Cooperative Society (AMCS) will develop economically viable PO members, empowering them to take a stronger role in the agriculture value chains of the country. The project aims to do so by strengthening the governance and managerial capacity of AMCS and PO members and developing PO Enterprises. This will result in a resilient and robust food system, help overcome the severe impacts of climate change, and help build back better from the impacts of COVID-19. The project will use climate-smart technologies to reduce the use of soil and environment degrading agricultural practices, cut down on food wastage and maintain the nutrition quality of harvested products. Through a partnership with island-level schools, health centers and NGOs, the project will conduct nutrition outreach sessions and support school garden programs. It incorporates a performance-based approach to strengthen entrepreneurial skills to create a thriving and robust ecosystem of POs, enabling their medium to long-term sustainability. The project will ensure that more women farmers take a leadership role in the management and governance of farmer organizations in their respective island communities. The PO will also work with academic institutions for policy research, assessments and surveys to be used in the policy formulation process. 

Working on 16 islands, the project will benefit about 3,500 farmers and 18,550 people with improved nutrition and food security.  


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