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Strengthening Capacities for Climate Resilience and Economic Empowerment of Rural, Smallholder Producers in the Dry Corridor

About the Project

In Honduras, a $2.13 million grant to Alternative Community Economy Network (COMAL) will improve climate resilience and food security through economic empowerment and agricultural system transformation in three target areas in Dry Corridor, characterized by high poverty rates that suffered large livelihood losses due to COVID-19.   

The project will do so by focusing on developing value chains (avocado, vegetables, and honey) through agroecological approaches and improved market access, the project will build strong connections between smallholder farmers and local businesses and companies and will leverage existing relationships with dynamic markets at the national level., promoting food security and nutrition by diversifying smallholder farms and educating families about healthy food consumption. The project will bring smallholder farmers and companies together to create strategic alliances and partnerships in order to promote and sell their products. The project will also promote the financial inclusion of cooperatives and smallholder farmer organizations to strengthen territorial development. Cross organizational dialogues and advocacy around good governance will be conducted. Restoring livelihoods and local economies using a territorial development approach that includes productive and financial inclusion will improve adaptation capacities in a changing environment strongly affected by COVID-19. 

The project will employ an integrated and cross-sectoral approach to gender issues and will involve the participation of women's groups. Women will be empowered to participate and take on leadership and decision-making roles in cooperatives and organizations. Indirectly, the project addresses food and nutritional security issues, as well as offers alternatives to cross-border migration and organized violence linked to unemployment, underemployment and food insecurity.  


  • Honduras

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