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African market. Sale of fruit. Bananas. Lome. Togo. West Africa.

Support for the Promotion of Agroecological Market Gardening in Togo (ProSMAT)

About the Project

Despite recent government and non-state initiatives aimed at improving agricultural productivity in Togo through measures like irrigation and mechanization, the sector still faces numerous challenges. These include longstanding issues such as low productivity and limited access to financial services, as well as new challenges like climate change, health crises such as COVID-19, and international conflicts affecting input prices. Women farmers, in particular, struggle to access land, advisory support, and financing. Food security remains a concern, with a significant portion of the population facing insecurity and food crises. 

The ProSMAT project aims to address these challenges, focusing on supporting agroecological production among small-scale farmers, especially in vegetable farming. It plans to reduce dependency on expensive fossil inputs by promoting local agroecological alternatives and improving access to financing for women farmers. Additionally, the project will target reducing post-harvest losses in the vegetable sector through training, supporting processing units, and providing infrastructure for traders. Lastly, ProSMAT aims to strengthen the organizational capacity of farmer groups to advocate for agroecology and engage with stakeholders at various levels.


  • Togo

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Under Preperation



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  • IFAD

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